Samsung HD400LD - New Enclosure needed


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Bought a freecom external drive many years ago and it is fitted with the Samsung HD400LD drive. Been performing perfectly until recently when my desktop stopped accessing it when being switched on. By powering down the drive and back up again, the Desktop suddenly recognised it. Could take 2-4 attempts but I did manage to get to the data without any problems.
Decided to do something about it and spoke to Freecom who said the problem was with their housing and not the actual disk but they didn't supply replacements. The guy I spoke to suggested getting a Ugreen enclosure - even giving me the code etc. so I purchased this a few months back but pressure of time stopped me from doing the change right away.
Finally got round to fitting it yesterday and guess what - the cables on the Samsung do not fit the Ugreen - so much for advice from the supplier. There appears to be 2 connexions on the samsung - a long ribbon cable and a block whereas the Ugreen has only a (shorter) ribbon connection point.
Would anyone be able to suggest a reasonable quality Enclosure? Would like to have something that is less than £30 but know that I can connect.
Please note I am not very techie so would appreciate a 'basic' language reply, ta.