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Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by bearcat, Oct 10, 2019.

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    This scanner is HP 1510 All In One.
    Not working with original computer running Win 7
    Not working with new computer, running Win 10.
    On both computers, option to scan is missing.
    HP help says to open a utilty.
    That utility gives an error message saying the device isnt installed, but it is!
    Tried rebooting, still the same problem.
    I strongly suspect and "update" is making this scanner obsolete.

    Besides getting the Scanner working, I would like to force the printer to forever
    stop trying to print a "test page" each time it is disconnected.
    I would also like to block the way HP forces me to go to Internet Explorer, and remove all the pushy "use Edge" and other ads.

    Printer Assistat is there.jpg Option to scan missing.
    This is true on both computers

    option to scan missing.jpg
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    It sounds like you've installed the drivers for the printer but not the scanner hardware.

    Try installing the basic drivers for your device from here.
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