Scanner buy suggestions help


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Since nobody lets you test anything to see if software allows certain specifics, wondered if anyone can suggest an under $500 scanner with the ability to auto scan 30-40 1 sided documents at a time and automatically make them a single zip file. Any type, pdf., tiff. is fine. Just not making them 40 different files.

I have a serious volume of documents to copy and send by e-mail, 10,000+

Thanks to the knowledgeable :good:


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You really need to consider your requirements for the machine in the long term before purchasing such as this.. By this I mean if you already have a scanner that suits your long term needs ideally and it's this one off job that you need the machine for, you could consider taking the job to a business who provide scanning services and they will digitize the documents for you with far less cost and man hours than what it would for you to do it yourself.

If there's an ongoing requirement for high capacity scanning, I'm afraid I do not know much about scanner specific devices. But if I were in your position I'd probably opt for a run of the mill monochrome laser multifuction scanner and printer as most good MFC's will fit your requirement and be able to automatically feed 35 or so documents at a time. I personally recommend Brother monochrome laser MFC's, as I've used them before: they have been extremely reliable for me and printed at a low cost per page.

Now as for your need to send these documents via email, does it necessarily have to be email? I believe these would be sent a lot easier scanning into a cloud service like Dropbox and just set the computers up to automatically upload all the files from the scanned files folder andautomatically pull all files from the dropbox to a folder at the receiving end. But if you really want to Zip and email them I'm sure you could easily write a .bat file that selects less than 10MB of scanned documents, zips them and continues until the whole folder is complete... Now I think of it I'm sure an advanced Zipping program would have this feature.

Good luck my friend (sounds like you need it).