Scroll Bar Q?

Some websites I go to have scroll bars where you have to hold the cursor on the bar to move it up and down. Others, like on this forum, have arrows top and bottom and you only have keep the cursor on the arrow and press the arrow to move the bar up and down.
How do I make the latter scroll bar I mentioned above on sites that don't use this type? YOU TUBE just went to the 1st scroll bar I stated and I want to change it. How is this done?
I sure hope I explained this the correct way, or where it can be understood.


There's no way change how a website is set up outside of tweaking the code on the page, and that issue is so minor, most people don't even notice it. Most people either click the mouse wheel and scroll by moving the mouse, or just use the mouse wheel to scroll the page.
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99 percent of the time I use the mouse wheel, so much easier. As said you can't change the way the page is set up.


You can change your mouse settings. So, try different settings until you get the mouse wheel to scroll how you like.