searchindexer.exe not working


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I want to share this with other who may have the same problem.

I noticed the problem when I tried to search my email in Outlook. It just kept turning and turning but nothing came up. I went into File>Option>Search and went into the index option. The window popped up but it said that search is not working. I tried to click on the Advance tab trying to re-index it, but it won't open the advance tab.

I went into index option from Windows, it said index is completed and 500000+ files were indexed. But the Advance tab doesn't work also. Somewhere it said my searchindexer.exe failed.

I Googled for solution and tried everything suggestion but nothing worked.

As the last resort, I restored from the image file of my OS/Programs partition and it is working now. I reindexed the PC both in Windows and Outlook and now the search is working fine.

In the process, I figured that I should move my index file from the C drive to my data drive E: because when I restore from the image, the index file is not up to date. But if I keep it in drive E: the restoration would not affect that.

I think my windows search system was corrupted, for whatever reason.

Another good reason to save the image of your OS/Programs frequently.