Security camera rendering.

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    I have a security system at my house (qsee systems) I have some footage on my computer that I backed up through an EXT hard drive but it looks as if the quality is like 240P and I can't really see that good once it gets dark outside. Is there a way to render this footage to make it 1080P? or at least visible?
    Not sure if it matters but i copied the files from my DVR and is in the FAT32 format.

    Would a grapich card work? I know that may of been a dumb quesion but im a no0b
    Or my other question is thouse HD converters.
    Couldn't I just burn my footage onto a DVD then render it through those machines that turn your dvd in to blue ray, would that work on the subject of me getting me a better picture?

    if not then how do they release old movies from like the 70s or whatever on blueray and they look better?
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