Selling Photos online


Just wondering if any photographers among us sell their photos online. I have my site I'm displaying photos on and my flickr link for other photos from events and such.

I'm thinking of selling my photos - option for people to buy photos if they like. Not sure on how that would work though.

Get payments/shipping from paypal and then get printed and send off. Get payments and email though HD qualities they can print.

Not sure if it would be viable or worth it in the long run.

My site at moment -


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My goal is not to sell my photos but this might change in a while. I actually sold one but I didn't advertise anything. A magazine sent me an email and asked if they could use one of my photos for one of their issue. I sold it for 100$ and that only gave them the right to use the photo, nothing else. I sent them a JPEG, no print.

I made some research before sending my price and conditions, you have to be very careful. You need to state the conditions in an email and they have to agree. As far as price goes, for a magazine it depends where they will put the photo, frontpage, whole page, small portion of the page... I could have asked for about 150$ for them to just use the photo as a small portion of the page, but I'm just a beginner and I wanted them to accept (100$ is fine for me).

I also use 500px as they have a "marketplace" set up but one thing you can do is have your email/name on each photo as a sig (I only pout my email) so people can contact you. Make yourself a facebook page too :)


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I used to sell my sports photos on, but the problem I had was the yearly fees for the website made it so I barely broken even on my sales, so not worth it for me. If you just take photos for fun of landscapes and so forth, you aren't going to have people flock to your website to buy photos, so you will probably make less than what you pay for your site and merchant accounts.