Sennheiser game zero headset is surround sound to know enemies positions ?

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  1. ravndal

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    Hi guys ,
    I am a little noob on headset specifications etc but I have been researching long these past couple of days and for my pc I really like the thought of purchasing Sennheiser game zero headset however I am unsure of how the audio will be delivered to my ears . What I mean by this is I like to play call of duty and a big reason I would buy them is to know the positions of the enemy when I hear there footsteps. I used to own a set of headphones that delivered 7.1 surround sound but reading the specs on these headsets I don’t see that ? So many people are saying this headset is great for pc gaming so I’m just asking you guys that if I do purchase this headset will it still deliver the sound to my ears correctly to indicate enemies positions when I hear there footsteps etc when I game ?

    Thanks in advance ....
  2. Darren

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    Yeah they'll work fine. Keep in mind you only have 2 ears, not 7. Each one will give you sound to imitate what you'd hear in real life, including position. Usually the "7.1" surround sound headsets either use software to emulate this effect a bit more or just have 7 really small and crappy speakers in the ear piece which delivers worse sound quality than one larger driver. I use conventional studio monitor headphones and they're fine for audio positioning.
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    Surround sound headphones are a gimmick. Any decent pair of headphones can replicate positioning well.

    Try watching/listening to the vid below with a pair of standard headphones. You'll be amazed how much positioning you can hear from just a regular set of headphones.
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