Setting up a new network

I apologize for being a complete noob, but was hoping to get some help:

I'm moving to a new place that is relatively big, approximately 3400 square feet. I've been running a Motorola SB6120 modem with a Linksys router at my old place but think I might need a mesh setup now?

I'm going with att fiber 1GB internet and want to use my own hardware. I'll probably need a new modem, right? What setup should I go with??

Thanks for the help! Haven't messed with networking in so long I'm a little clueless !


Staff member
You'll have to use the ATT gateway on the edge as they do dot1x authentication, plus it's not cable so your SB6120 won't work.

You might be able to pick up a couple Ubiquiti APs if you want a roaming setup, if it's possible to run cabling to the locations you want then that would be the best setup, basically a mesh but with wired backhaul. Most mesh setups use a different wireless frequency back to the main station.
Yea thats what I feared. Would it be possible to use the att gateway and then my own mesh system? I don't want to use wifi extenders bc I hate the hassle of switching between different wifi logins