Setting up duel monitors problems


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Hi All

Im having some issues, but heres the story...

Im running a 6950 (toxic)... Today I brought a new LCD 23" monitor... I want to run this in some sort of duel monitor setup with my old 22" monitor.

I plugged in the new monitor (via DVI) to the first DVI port on my graphics card. I then plugged my old monitor (via VGA with DVI adapter) into the second DVI port on my card.

Turned the computer on... Detects and uses the new monitor straight away (from boot).

However the problem Im having is that Amd vision control does not detect my second (old) monitor at all. No matter how many times I click "detect" in Desktop Management.

So how to do I get AMD and windows to detect the second monitor?



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Thats very strange... if you go to control panel > appearance and personalization > display > screen resolution are you able to detect and setup multiple displays through windows?


try this, just to check for compatibility issues.

Plug in only the old monitor via HDMI adapter, and boot teh computer. If the monitor is detected, then plug in the DVI to the second, windows should detect it while it is running and automatically duplicate the displays. If this happens, then set it up for extend through right click -> properties -> display (i think). Click apply when you have the settings when you wish. Reboot the computer to be sure that the settings stick.

If this works, then your golden. If not, we will wait for someone a little more apt with dual monitor setups.