Shader model 3.0 with my Lenovo x201 - cant get it to work


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So im using Lenovo thinkpad x201 with windows 7 pro, 64 bit.

When i was a kid, i used to play this game called "Farming simulator" and since there´s new version out, i thought to give it a try, for good old times :)
When i start the game, it tells me "Error: Could not init 3d sysem. Shader model 3.0 is required."
a) im having directx11, which should already support 3.0 shader. Why am i geting this error ?
b) When i press "yes" to "install the latest drivers", it takes me to this page:

With my lenovo thinkpad x201 integrated GPU, what should i download from there..? I have no idea.
Cos i have tried blindly most of them and none of them seem to work...

Thank you for your help, i know this is a n00b problem im having here :)


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Main problem is you're trying to run a game on a 9 year old laptop that wasn't designed for gaming in the first place. You're bound to have driver/software issues at that age.


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Im aware of the problem, what im lacking is the solution tho :D
If you've installed the latest drivers and no luck then you're probably outta luck. That series has been a round a while? Maybe try FS 2012?