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Discussion in 'Computer Networking and Servers' started by DarkOrigin, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. DarkOrigin

    DarkOrigin New Member

    He my situation. I work on computer at work with internet access.
    I didt have admin right and computer log-in with domain.

    I want to share internet to my iphone.
    I can open the computer for add a card if needed.
    Computer use windows 7but didt have a wireless card on it.

    So I look for a wifi card that actually be usb or internal and allow to share wifi internet without admin right.
    Computer allow inslatation of new hardware without admin right in theory if windows can get driver by windows update or already have.

    Any clever idea please?
  2. revolution221

    revolution221 Member

    Depending on your organizatiosn's security policy, they may not allow for what you are describing
    Last I knew, windows 7 requires administrator privileges/access in order to share wifi
    I would contact your company's IT department and request access, they should be able to help set you up
  3. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    Doesn't your work have a wifi network?

    Obtain the appropriate permissions from your IT department
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  4. DarkOrigin

    DarkOrigin New Member

    Of course it's not allowed... But as im it mayself, they said if I can manage do it myself, it's up to me, but they not gonna help.
    It's like, they dont care, but they dont want to know....
    Yes windows 7 require administrator provilege to share wifi.... but that why I thinking about adding material. Maybe sharing wifi by material will actually not require administrator privilege as driver installation for they will use administrator privilege
    Another idea will be a way to boot in safe mode without login in domain to get admin right.
    Another idea will be to make another computerpretend to be that computer. It's worked a little as I get able to login on domain with another computer by changing computername but no internet access, no clue..
  5. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    Do you all have plans to migrate off of Windows 7 by Jan 14?

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