Should i move to my old laptop which barely works to Linux

Agent Panda

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I have a 6 years old laptop it has i3 5th gen and 4 gb of ddr3 and the hard drive is clean. Windows 10 does not work and it takes too much times to even start it and it cant even run properly . If i use it via linux will it be able to do simple tasks which are browsing and videos movies or supporting an external monitor(it does have an hdmi port in it). It might be silly but should i do it.


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About the only 2 things you can do to speed that up is to increase ram to 8gb and install an ssd as boot drive. Running windows 10 with only 4gb of ram and a mechanical hard drive is going to be really slow. Plus its possible that the drive may be dying.


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HDD probably failing if it's that unbearably slow. 4 GB on W10 is pretty slow but is generally usable.

Linux would be alright, but if the drive's shot then that will also be slower than expected. I roll Parrot OS on my i5-2520m laptop that was $20, with 8G and an SSD it feels similarly responsive as my desktop rig when browsing and doing productivity stuff.

If you feel like it's 'silly' then you probably aren't ready for a full *nix environment as your daily driver.