Should I OR Shouldn't I cut hole?


image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Hello. Bought a new power supply for a " new build" and as you can see the Thermaltake has a BA fan on top. The case I'm using has NO hole in top where this fan would be. My question is. should There be a hole? I know some would say go get a new case, but what's the fun not modifying. I like playing with my angle grinder


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Can't really tell from that one picture. But if it was me I would make sure there is room inside the case to mount the power supply and that fitting it inside the case isn't going to foul any wires or boards/drives etc then havatit with my angle grinder/tin snips.

I have to say that without any more pictures I don't really know but if your case is a desktop case then it is highly unusual for it not to have an internal power supply and therefore the place and space to fit one.


The case is a mini tower and I did "Test fit" with mounting screws and yes it fits great. The power supply is a Theraltake 1000watt Gold semi-modular. There is about 1/2-3/4" clearance from top power supply to top of case


Two things will happen if I mount upside down. 1) warm air will be blown down over water cooled cpu,motherboard, etc and 2) the 4 mounting screw holes do not form perfect square


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The PSU fan is an intake not an exhaust. Also if you actually look at the PSU it's not square either. There should be screw holes at each spot.

Any $30 case worth a hoot will have a bottom mounted PSU. If not, and no vent on top just gotta mount it fan inside. That's fine though, most regular (non custom builds) are like this anyway.