Shutdown issue


Well, dang it, I'm back. This time, I'm trying to shut down my computer... and it's only half successful. Ya see, I try to power down my computer the correct way; however, although the screen fades to black and the lights in the case shut off, the lights on the front stay on, as does the temp light on the side (see attached image). And this makes me say, "What the...."

It seems that the CPU fan still keeps running, as do the fan on the back side of the PC; however, an alarm tells me that the one attached to the front panel has stopped (the other display is not hooked up to a fan).

So, is my computer actually off, or is is still on? And how does one turn the darn thing off?


P. S. Not sure if this is a motherboard issue. I'm just guessing it has something to do with the motherboard.


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Might want to check that fast startup isn't interfering with anything, there's a guide on that here
If you end up checking out the motherboard then I would just double check that the power and reset switches are plugged in correctly too