SmartMedia cards, really?

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  1. elevatorfan7072

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    I have this Fujifilm Finepix 1300. It's a pretty old digital camera. It takes 4 AA batteries. There's just this one problem: It takes SMC Cards! I know this camera is old, but SMCs are so god dang expensive! I'd try using a XD to SMC adapter, but the camera just shuts off when the card slot is opened. It's freakin annoying. Also, I don't have any xD cards, so getting an 8mb SMC card probably wouldn't be a problem.
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    How expensive the SMC cards are depends on their capacity. I looked real quick and saw 8MB SMC cards for as little as $10. Maybe you could get by with a smaller capacity card?

    I think the only other solution is a new camera.

    The SMC cards are expensive since there isn't a large demand for them anymore.

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