So difficult to find a simple part???


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I need an FM2/FM2+ Mouting Bracket for usage of a Zalman CNPS9X tower cooler. The one originally that came with my motherboard I have no idea where it is. Back then I bought a very simple standard cooler with a very small fan that totally does not cool at all. (Idle the AMD processor was burning at 80+ degrees, and no, I did not forget the thermal paste).

But I bought this Zalman tower cooler, but I don't have an FM2/FM2+ Mounting Bracket. Now I can order this thing on AliExpress, at:

But the delivery time is 30-50 days, and I need this part now, because I want to rebuild my homeserver. And locally I seem not to able to find this simple part, or the only I do find is twice the price of the entire Zalman cooler. Does anybody know where I can order this part (I live in The Netherlands) for a normal price and within a reasonable delivery time?

Much appreciated.


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Well I was lucky to just find ONE advertisement on here in my country, it was offered for a reasonable price of 10 euro's.

So I got it. :)