Sold ([email protected]!) Samsung 960 EVO (SOLD!!!)

Laquer Head

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Selling my 2nd Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD (250GB capacity)

Used for just about 12 months now and I've included the Magician screener (with matching serial numbers) for those curious on the approximate usage.

It was used as a 'Movie & TV Show' drive and has been in my personal system since it was purchased new from Newegg.

Only reason for selling is cause the time has come to buy another 1TB drive and I only have 2 M.2 slots available.

The drive is in pristine condition and will be shipped in a hard plastic case to protect it during transit.

$100 + $10 for expedited parcel shipping (tracking and insurance included)

Total: $110 CAD$

Ideally looking for a Canadian buyer as its just a hassle shipping things cross border, but as I know there aren't many on here, I don't expect alot of interest.. but thought I'd offer anyhow. I might be willing to sell to USA, however PM me and we can discuss this.

MagicianScreenShot.png evo cf.jpg