[SOLVED] Error when trying to execute anti-virus installer (ESET)

Hi guys!

I've never encountered this error before, and I can't find any good information on the web for this.

What I want to do is execute a .exe installer file for ESET AntiVirus. When I execute the file, I get the following error message:
Failed to load file

A script file required was unable to be loaded

A runtime error occurred while calling the function.(2901)

Unable to continue

Additional info:
The computer is an HP Notebook 15 - ac101. The computer was installed with Windows 7, then upgraded to Windows 10. The executable is stored on a network drive that is mapped during logon.

Any help would be very much appreciated!



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Do you get the same error on other machines? If so I'd say the installer is corrupt and to download a new version.
If it is at all related I found that when I 'updated' to Windows 10 from 7 that it corrupted my anti-virus programme and an error message came up saying that it needed to be updated but when I clicked on the update link the anti-virus programme 'could not be found', I went back to Windows 7 because I don't like 10 but I still lost the anti-virus programme and could not reinstall it so had to install a different programme.


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The best thing to do would be to download the installer onto your machine and install that way. If the installer is actually inside a folder with other files, the installer is probably failing to find the required files to finish the installation.
Interestingly enough I found that this is a problem with some of the older installer packages from ESET. After downloading some of the latest installers, this is not a problem anymore. Could be a bug that is triggered by the Win10 upgrade, or something along those lines.