Some websites designed to defeat some mouse functions


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I have noticed a couple of sites I visited that some of the built in mouse functions doesn't work.
For example, facebook would not allow the backward key (alt+left) to go back to the page before facebook. The left arrow on the upper left of the page is disabled.
I have another newspaper site that the home, end and the backward function would not work.
It's annoying because it is not consistent to the way I navigate the browser.
Any work around?


I don't know much about HTML, but probably not, unless you can find some sort of extension that can override it. I'm not an expert, so there might be some sort of way around it, short of editing the page code manually. I'm also assuming that's done with HTML.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge in this can take up the torch on this thread.


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Yeah I get that sometimes too, or the back button works but it immediately redirects to where you were so it's functionally useless.

The button on your mouse is just mapped to the "back" functionality. So if it's disabled in the browser, mouse button won't work. Usually seems to stem from the site, and in that instance I just leave.


Defeating the page back function is just a line of code or two and easy to implement.

I don't know what's worse:
1. A website that disables back paging...

2. A website that spawns multiple copies of itself to fill up your browsing history with just their page.

Either way, the person who programs websites that way needs to go F### themselves with a rabid porcupine.


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Most websites I've encountered that disable the browser back button or other browser controls do so because they intend for you to navigate using their own navigation buttons. I often see this in financial websites (like on-line banking).