Sony Playstation One


Thank you for taking a look.

Is there any safe, legal and easy way to put a Sony Playstation One game disk into my Desktop PC and play it?

I found a place named The Emulator Zone, and there are many PS One emulators listed. Scanned the first two with VirusTotal without opening them, and got numerous viruses

Is there any sort of adapter to let me plug the Sony game controller into a PC?

(never mind, found one on Amazon)

I've got an Aurio LJ230 and this computer:

Shinobee SSD Ultra 8-Core Gaming PC/Multimedia Desktop Computer - FX 8300 8 x 4.20 GHz - AMD Radeon RX 460 2GB DDR5 Graphics - 8GB DDR3-240GB SSD - 500GB HDD - Win10 Pro - CD/DVD±RW - WiFi #6006
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"The official website" is incredibly vague.
Are you saying that SONY has an offical website offering PC emultator software? Because THAT would be about the only source anyone should trust.
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