spewed coffee (cream & sugar) on laptop


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The waste of this really vexed me. I just had this Toshiba Tecra A-2 4 months (didn't get that extra insr), got coffee down the wrong pipe, started spewing left, laptop started to fall, looked back and spewed - not much - on keyboard.

I then did what was probably the worst thing now that I think of it - I turned the keyboard upside down, which made the coffee "pool" in the little key rims.

The bottom line is the keyboard is doing wierd stuff. Programs come up ok, but keyboard is erratic. I just sent it in. Any idea what this will cost - say if it means a new keyboard?


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Hi Hope i can help....

Hi There i read your post....

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Hope this helps good luck.. Loz
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Why don't you bring it to a maintenance shop, and let them get the keyboard out, clean it and leave it to dry out, then plug it again??I think this won't cost much. If you can do it yourself, go ahead, but just be very carefull as everything inside is very sensitive and compact.

If you want to reduce the hassle, and a new keyboard is not expensive, then go for it.


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The following is enclosed in a thought bubble

??? when americans say cream and sugar do they actually mean cream or do they just mean milk? ???

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Thanks for the global counsel! I didn't know about the help with diagnosing/getting keyboards on the web - I should have.....

I had already sent it in. They've received it at a Toshiba "laptop depot" in Louisville, Ky. I'll have to just see how they will handle it - I mean if the 3 year warranty has any support on this. They received it 3 days ago, but I haven't heard from them.

Anybody had this experience? What can I expect?


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??? when americans say cream and sugar do they actually mean cream or do they just mean milk? ???
Pick your poison, it could be either. Some like cream, some like milk.