Ssd problem

I recently bought a Samsung 970evo plus and connected it up to my board turned on computer and it did not show up in disk management or anywhere the drives should show
I went into bios and it did not show there I have been on google and tried all the suggestions from what people have said but with no luck
My board is a gigabyte a320m-h motherboard
Any help would be appreciated thank you


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Either the M2 slot is bad, you don't have it installed all the way or you need to go into the bios and enable the m2 slot.
The computer is only like 6 months old
I’ll re-insert the drive
Would it be enable sata because that’s the only one I found when I went into bios and even that didn’t work when set to enable all sata drives
On the motherboard it clearly says nvme m.2 next to the slot so it’s definitely a m.2 drive
I have not updated the bios the last update was October 2018 when the computer was built could this be the problem
I will re-insert the drive first and get back to you
Thank you


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What cpu do you have? Also, what bios revision is installed?
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my bios version is f1
i tried to update to f40by downloading the update from gigabyte website but when i try to update from the bios menu the update isnt there
any ideas?


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You'd have to put it on a FAT32 USB stick. My BIOS can see files on NTFS volumes but can't access them.