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Laquer Head

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I've recently started using Steam to get myself a few games and I'm a bit of a noob in this regard.

I have heard a number of you say how awesome Steam is, which I agree on, but also at how fast the speeds for d/l games are..

This is where I disagree, I'm downloading a game right now and I get 294 KB/s max...

It takes a good half day, at least, to get a game and I was hoping someone knows some tweak, tips, or settings to put in that might boost this??



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are you set to a server thats close to you?

worth checking to ensure that its not for some reason got you trying to download from somewhere halfway across the world!

go to Steam>settings>downloads tab

check in there that your location is correct

Laquer Head

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I checked that and I am connected to a server in Vancouver B.C., and I'm in Calgary, AB so it appears to be the closest--(Not many Canada Choices)


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Restart Steam. You can sometimes get stuck with it at "slow" speeds which restarting can potentially fix. It depends too on server load and what game you are downloading.

Also, try going to Steam > Settings > Downloads+Cloud and set the speed of your connection to the closest one to what you have


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The closest isn't always the best. I get mediocre speeds with the Vancouver server but if I connect to the Washington DC server, I get amazing speeds.


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How would I know this??
Well I have Internode as my ISP. I'm in NSW, Australia. Steam has an "Australia - NSW (Internode)" server, so I use that one. Have no problems maxing out my connection. If you want to find out your internet speed, stop any programs that use bandwidth and go to and run the test. Post the result here. Find a steam server that is closest to your city.