Suggestions for x570 mobo?


Im really confuses about what makes each mobo better than others. I obviously don’t want to spend on features that I’ll never use.

All I need is a regular Ethernet port for basic internet needs. Dual 2.5 or 5.0 ports I do t think I’ll need? Don’t need WiFi in board but it’s a cool option to have sometimes in life.

I use a bunch of USB peripherals. Ranging from simple items to things that do need 3.0 minimum. Having 3.0, 3.1 & 3.2 slots are nice but not sure what I would use 3.2 stuff on as a streamer/video editor yet but maybe it’s useful?

no need for onboard graphics.

I’m getting a ryzen 3950x & im looking for a mobo to house it.

things I need are lots of USB slots for tons of peripherals I have.

Not sure how many PCIe slots a video card uses. Was it 2 or 1? I have a gtx1080.

I also have an el gato capture card that uses pcie 1x.

ideally I would like an extra pcie x16 slot for the future.

I use the PC for video editing, gaming & livestreaming.

I use DDR4 2333 Ram.

not upgrading the video card & ram until later.

my price range varies. I can spend a lot but I don’t want features I’ll never use. Suggestions?
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