System Crashing on gaming


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ok first up my system is custom built and as follows

Gigabyte DS4 M/B
Radeon HD4870
win 7 32 bit

For some time now my system keeps crashing randomly whilst playing games, most games I have now are through steam so its hard to say if its an issue with steam or not, I suspect its more than likely a hardware issue!

Generally after a while of gaming the screen sticks and nothing but a hard reboot will solve the issue. I have thought that perhaps it was an overheating problem, I have since cleaned out the case, currently it has 3 120mm fans in the main area, 1 120 mm fan in the PSU bay and an 80mm fan directly over the graphics card.

This doesnt appear to have solved anything, I am wondering if the graphics cards itself might be the issue, perhaps its got a slight fault thats causing problems, drivers are updated to the latest ones available

had about three crashes in the last couple of hours, last time I logged straight into the bios to check out whats going on in there and this is the current temps and such :

System temp 55
CPU temp 42

V core 1.284 - 1.300 (fluctuates between the two)
DDr18v - 1.872
+3.3V - 3.296
+12v - 12.048

I have had GPU-z running, showing my gpu idle temp at approx 70, not picked up the temp on crashing yet as it seems to close down and stop logging as I run a game but the crash can happen very soon (merely minutes) after starting the game so I cant imagine the temp jumping that quickly to cause an over heat

any ideas?


A. To make sure it isn't heat open your side panel and having a small fan blow directly into your system on its low setting. Then play a game. What are the results? If it crashes, try the fan on moderate settings; repeat.

B I worked with someone two days ago on another forum who relayed the exact same issues as you state and they were with his Steam games. For him we determined it was due to the DRM. I am not saying this is your issue but it is something to consider.

C. When you updated the drivers did you first use something like Driver Sweeper to make sure all old drivers were removed first?

D. How well is the fan functioning on your card?

E. Your voltage reads are fine.


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are you getting a blue screen? I tend to point at graphics cards first when video games crash systems... maybe update your graphics card drivers.


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Run some CPU intensive task and see if your computer crashes or not.

Also download EVGA precision and then use the software's gaming HUD to monitor the temps while playing.
Keep the fan speed on default.
That way you can record what temp your GPU crashes at.

And 70C is pretty hot for Idle,did it always have that high of a temperature or just recently.What is you ambient temperature??
Also is the card under warranty??

Also try another GPU and playing an intensive game or furmark.