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Discussion in 'Computer Games and Consoles' started by just a noob, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. just a noob

    just a noob Well-Known Member

    I see that we have a BC2 thread so I feel we need a thread for TF2. Discuss gameplay, and of course-GLORIOUS HATS!
  2. Intel_man

    Intel_man VIP Member

    I dislike the way Valve ruined the game. Gameplay isn't balanced anymore and all those hats are promoting noobs to play it for the look rather than taking it seriously enough to win a game.
  3. awildgoose

    awildgoose New Member

    I agree with you there.
    I stopped playing after the spy/sniper update came out how you pick up special weapons rather than earning them, I heard they stopped that or something so I went back and then everything had changed, stupid hats and such. I got some hats from L4D2 so I checked it out and things were just stupid.

    Although the game is still pretty cool, just don't like it.
    Surfing on the other hand is the best thing in tf2 haha, that I still love even though I don't do it much.
  4. ellanky

    ellanky New Member

    Valve is just trying to suck out whatever money they can out of that game.

    Its either trying to get people to buy guns, hats, or buy other games that will get you hats. Its ridiculous.

    On a side note, I still play it every now and then.
  5. Drenlin

    Drenlin Active Member

    The gameplay is still fun as hell, even with the hats. I think they add a little character anyway. It does bug me that people can buyt the weapons instead of waiting for them to drop, though, and trading in-game annoys me even more.

    It'll be a lot nicer once they balance everything out.
  6. just a noob

    just a noob Well-Known Member

    I'll take that Bill's hat
  7. kunfu11

    kunfu11 New Member

    Although there are some balance issues, I think it's still the most balanced FPS I've ever played. I mean look at call of duty, whoever is higher level will obviously win.

    Besides I feel hats give a good way to customize your player without ruining the ability to tell who's on your team and who isn't.

    I think the drop and trade system adds several layers of depth to the game.
    And the hats for buying games I think is more of as an added bonus for getting the game.
  8. just a noob

    just a noob Well-Known Member

    bump for the best hat simulator ever
  9. epidemik

    epidemik Active Member

    It was one of my favorite games. I kind of lost interest once valve started focusing on hats and addons and not focusing on gameplay.
    It was such a good game for many years. Its just a little overwhelming with irrelevant content now.
  10. Geoff

    Geoff VIP Member

    Same here.

    I used to play it all the time, I actually haven't even launched the game in months now. I liked it originally before you can earn or buy weapons and accessories, I didn't get TF2 to trade and buy things, I came to simply play. The class updates alone were pretty good in my opinion, at least the first two when all you had to do was choose between two weapons. It's not as much fun now.
  11. jonnyp11

    jonnyp11 New Member

    My only problem with it is its one of those games where a bad framerate is terrible, like CS:S, i can get away with a slightly lower frame rate when it's on a bad map (which confuses me cuz half the maps my framerate is lower, are smaller ones that seem less intricate?) But in that game there is so much crap around the map and it's so fast, you need high fps. Although i haven't played it for a good while, and idk what your talking about with the hats, although i have one in portal 2
  12. Danda

    Danda Member

    While I have not played Tf2 in a long time, its still one of the best FPS out there. Despite the Hats and the Store Valve put it, it is still a ball of fun and good to play with friends. When I do get back into the game, I can play for several hours without it getting old (I love a good Gold Rush game).

    Remember, its optional and Valve is in no way forcing you to pay, at all. While some weapons are weird and over powered in its own sense, they give us a variety of weapons so that we dont get bored of the same loadout.

    While ia gree hats and other bullocks in the game is dumb, TF2 is still a good ball of fun. Especially the constant free updates they give out, unlike some games *Cough* Cod *Cough*.
  13. just a noob

    just a noob Well-Known Member

    I hate dr. Enforcicle so much
  14. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    I have just purchased a TF2 server.

    It is set up and working, just got a few config changes to make to fix things like idle time before kicking, round length etc, as well as uploading some admin and stat tracking tools and we will be set.

    We will be in it most nights in the week, however on Saturday I am going to try and get as many people on as I can to stress test it. We are on 32 slot server, so really it shouldn't be an issue, but want to make sure.

    Will most probably start getting it populated around 7-8PM GMT and going through the night. Any of you are welcome to join, if you have me on Steam you can join me through that whenever I am in

    We are also going to be looking for regulars in the coming weeks who can help with moderating the server. At the moment it is our newest project as a community with myself and two other active TF2 playing members taking control of it, however with it only being us three, all of us working the same hours and all based in the UK, so all offline at around the same time, we will need more to spread it out

    We will also shortly be putting a donation system in to have a reserved slot for regulars

  15. Thanatos

    Thanatos Active Member

    Sweet! is it up right now? I want to join! Just got a Hermes hat and a Brain Bucket hat.. want to show em off! 'YourFavoritePwner' reporting for duty, sir!
  16. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    Yes it is, jumping in now, do I have you on Steam? My display name is [ESF]Retify
  17. PhotonCrasher

    PhotonCrasher New Member

    Nice I think I'll try join 2morrow, I haven't played it in ages
  18. Machin3

    Machin3 New Member

    That's funny, I remember when I had a Team fortress 2 server and no one seemed to care.
  19. just a noob

    just a noob Well-Known Member

    You should change the spawn from instant to something like 5 seconds
  20. Aastii

    Aastii VIP Member

    It is on instant for the time being mainly because when there are few people in playing ctf and you have to wait 5 seconds to spawn, you are pretty much garanteed to lose a point because the enemy team has your intel half way across the other side of the map.

    We will be in tonight starting around 7-8PM GMT

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