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Everything is on the desktop computer,i am going to make a bootable install media for installing a Windows 10,currently,i have an iSO file and a 36GB USB,then i need a burner to do it,i got Rufus and imgburn from Google (There are so many burners, I don't know which one is better),Are they the best?Or maybe you have better.


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Rufus for single ISO bootable USBs, and YUMI for multi-ISO booting.
The ISO downloader supports downloading straight to USB, but I prefer having the ISO on hand and doing it myself. Else you'd need to download the ISO again if your USB got messed up.


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If he's using Rufus (which I'd suggest) you want to create a bootable ISO image using that tool then burn it to the flash with Rufus. Setting up as a USB thru that utility works too but I prefer Rufus.
I've had no issues just allowing the tool to create the usb. Less hassle.


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But if you are downloading it at the same time just let the tool do it. No sense in s
Downloading the iso then use rufus to create the USB. Always download as you should get the latest version without having to update afterwards.


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I suggest you do it again, install an.iso ffiles from Microsoft,then use this burner to burn it to the USB drive.
As for the burner , like the Rufus and imgburn are good enough to do this.
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The Windows media creation tool is actually quite useful, especially for beginners. Used it three times now without issues.