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Discussion in 'General Software' started by AksaPage, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. AksaPage

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    Good evening. I found that the Inbox of Microsoft Outlook is clean. It so happened that I accidentally erased all of its contents. Since I have the habit to wash all using Shift + Delete, the Deleted items folder nothing happened. Backup certainly was, but this day I got about 10 very important emails and make a new backup had not yet((
    is it possible to do something? Can someone faced with this problem..
  2. _Pete_

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    if it's your webmail that microsoft conveniently now calls Outlook then if your deleted items folder is empty there is a button that says "recover deleted items" or words to that effect. If that doesn't work then you have lost them I'm afraid. If you have deleted them from the Microsoft Office program called Outlook then they could well still be on your web mail.
  3. KavionKnox

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    I'm afraid that the data will be difficult to restore( but you can try convert .ost to .pst., if the file exists, but is damaged.
    There are online services for that one. Hopefully that helps you

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