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Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by KJS, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. KJS

    KJS New Member

    I've seen a lot of people's computers and they have a different theme different from the original theme for Windows XP? Is there anyway I can get these themes? Who develops these themes?

  2. cohen

    cohen New Member

    I can't post links at the moment because I'm on an iPod touch. But if you google search windows themes the top ones are good sites.

    Depending on your OS will depend if the theme will work with no program.

    Someone else mint be able to explain more until I do another post soon with some links.

    I have xp pro and have a windows vista theme :D.
  3. Vizy

    Vizy New Member

    Oh dude, i'm begging you. You do not want to go through the sh*t i had to go through. There are some trustworthy sites out there, and there also those sites that put a POS gaelicum.A virus on a computer that u just reformatted, and you need another reformatt to get rid of the SOB.

    The themes that i have tried, and that work, virus free:

    Royale Noir


    Windows Zune Theme, off the microsoft website

    ^^^^^^Those three are extremely nice themes that work without any bugs on my system.

    -This is a link to TuneUp Utilites 2008, it lets you tweak alot of you windows GUI. In it, there is a visual style program, that links you directly to Tuneup Utilites Theme database, and you pic and chose to your liking. These themes aren't all that smooth looking to tell the truth, but w/e.

    Anther way is to patch your UXtheme.dll,, and from there you can download themes off the net <how i got my ass in trouble>.

    I would stick with he first three.
  4. KJS

    KJS New Member

    Thanks Cohen + Vixy93.

    @Vixy93. I just downloaded the Zune Theme, and I'm wondering what happens. Since it is a shared computer, does the theme go back to the original XP theme or does it stay? What do I do if I don't like the theme and I want to change back?
  5. cohen

    cohen New Member

    OK, on the one user it will stay that way... you need to have the file in the one location, and that it doesn't move because it will cause it to stop working.

    If other users want that file, put it in a good location in their documents and do what you did to your user.

    Anything else, i can help you with???
  6. chibicitiberiu

    chibicitiberiu New Member

    This won't change the original theme files, man. It will appear in the Properies window when you right click on the desktop, in the Appearance tab. You will only need to select a different theme and/or color when you want to change it. Just like changing the xp blue theme in the windows classic theme.
  7. jdbennet

    jdbennet New Member

    yeah zune and royale are nice

    royale looks like the one on media centre edition, nice shiny blue
    the zune is a nice orange/black
  8. Intel_man

    Intel_man VIP Member

    Get windowsblind, go to and download any theme you like. As a matter of fact, you can even get themes from

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