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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Luchman, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Luchman

    Luchman New Member

    But I need some convincing..

    Im having second thoughts about building a gaming computer. All I can seem to find is horror stories (specifically found on Nvidias forums) about people having tons of game problems. Blue screens, black screens, games simply not working, driver issues, XP/Vista issues...It seems a lot of these problems just become unsolved...

    I would absolutely hate to spend $1500 on a new computer and have problems, when I have a computer right now that is pretty much problem free but just doesn't perform "super spectacularly."

    Do you guys think its worth the "risk?"

    In your experiences, how often are problems like these found?

    I need some reassuring... :eek:

  2. xxxalpinexxx80

    xxxalpinexxx80 New Member

    you shouldnt experience anything wrong, if somethings wrong or brocken rma it and get it back for free, otherwise that just make sure you know how to install video card drivers from the cd or internet and windows n stuff
  3. chupacabra

    chupacabra New Member

    I don't see why are you so afraid of something so insignificant, there are much worst things than just wasting 1500$ and probably no getting a single error or one or two at most (unless UPS ****ed up and broke everything lol)
  4. computerhakk

    computerhakk VIP Member

    If you have never done so before or troubleshooted yourself out in a situation that you just described, their is a potential risk. 1500$ is a lot of money and it would be a real bummer.

    Most of those problems can be related to memory. Their inability to find the correct driver at the manufacture's website. More importantly, finding out first if it'll work with Vista. etc.

    With google in this day and age, almost every problem can be solved if you search hard enough.
  5. slaphappylinksys

    slaphappylinksys New Member

    its the experience dude building it working out all the kinks thats the fun part not playin the games lol
  6. oscaryu1

    oscaryu1 VIP Member

    We're here to help you with your problems! :D
  7. hNic

    hNic New Member

    in reality...$1500 is not a lot of only SOUNDS like a lot of money....

    also...the risks ur worried about are miniscule...u have a software it...come here...wutever...hardware...return for a new one....

    You Will Be Fine! :)
  8. wizle

    wizle New Member

    If an old dude, like myself, can do it, you young whipper snappers should have no problem. When I built mine, I was lucky. Not a single error, I put it all together and it fired up,D/L all the drivers and it has been fine for 2 mths now
  9. PC eye

    PC eye banned

    That depends on the budget you have to work with. Not everyone can simply rush out for the latest "bells and whistles" just because someone else did for bragging rights.

    The key to a good build despite the problems others create for themselves when not taking things one thing at a time to insure the best results is to simply first gather the needed information on hardware specifications so you know what supports what and not but the wrong hardwares for the board as one thought. You wouldn't buy 2gb dimms for a board that can only run the 1gb size dimm. You don't install XP drivers if you are going with Vista.

    These things for the most part are simply common sense items where you take one step at a time to be able to double check yourself as you go along. The next time I will even have to install Windows again will be due to an upgrade of board, cpu, and memory from DDR to DDR2.
  10. The_Other_One

    The_Other_One VIP Member

    There's no guarantee you won't have problems with a prebuilt computer. I wouldn't worry about it so much.
  11. chupacabra

    chupacabra New Member

    The only guarantee i see on those pre-build computer is that at least they'll turn on the first time, other than that is as you say other_one :p
  12. PC eye

    PC eye banned

    And then there are those times when buying a new prebuilt system where "something" doesn't seem to want to work. :p That's what's called a return policy and service warranty there. "what's with this thing? :confused: " "you bought a prebuilt junker from us! :D " as the greedy salesman smiles and you go :eek: !!! :mad: GGGgggrrrr!

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