Threatening emails and viruses etc


My friend got an email in his junk box with the sender saying he had hacked his computer and videoed him pleasuring himself while he watched an adult video. It said he had two videos - one of him pleasuring himself and the other of the porn he was watching at the time. He had access to all his contacts in his email and he would send the video if $500 wasn't sent in 50 hrs after the email had been read. Could someone do this? No video was attached to the email as evidence though.

My friend has bullguard so would have thought that would pick it up. I guess always sellotape a piece of paper over your camera lense on your computer to be sure though.

I know people can access your email as a tradesman I know had people invoicing his customers and getting the money diverted to their accounts from his customers. so this kind of hacking does happen. I think this was on his phone.


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I got a few like that too but guess what, I have no webcam. Its phishing/scam email. Pcmag has a 2 star rating out of 5 for bullguard.
You think they installed a keylogger?
no because they would have all your passwords and would most likely change them
it happened to me i changed the password and deleted the email and havent had another email again
run malwarebytes and any security software you have


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As they said; it’s scam. Don’t believe them and DON’T pay anything. Just delete and ignore it. I received many of them.