Time for an HTPC!!!

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by TheNamelessPoet, Dec 21, 2018.

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    So... I had a thread before asking about this (sort of)

    I was leaning towards this to be honest even tho i didn't really want to (for no REAL good reason) I wanted to BUILD something cause... REASONS and STUFFS!!!

    I thought about this, but then I might as well buy what a few people suggested and a Raspberry Pi (MMMMMMMM, pie!!!)

    Then after telling my boss I was going to get another PC for this and was sad I had gotten rid of my old PC years ago (and reused some parts, my RAM is from my PC about 7-10 years ago lol) she said she had one she was about to toss.

    So I am a proud owner of a POS Compaq CQ2024. Wow this PC is crap lol. BUT it is free and I can work with it!!! I do no not need Top of the Line for this.

    Now I have a couple questions on what I CAN do with it, and what I need to do.

    It has 4 GB of RAM (very slow RAM but does it matter) 750 GB HD (which I will eventually get a 3-4 TB HD to store movies on) and apparently after only minimal research, the Processor is SOLDERED TO THE MOTHERBOARD (WHAT THE ACTUAL F***)

    I MIGHT do a fresh install of Windows 7 so I can format the HD that is there now. and wipe any of her stuff off.

    This will be wireless, because otherwise I have no way to put it in the bedroom of our apartment.

    1.)Are there any programs I am going to need?

    2.)Can I also use this as a server to run anything I download through for virus protection or am I trying to do too much? I would LOVE to have anything I download get saved on to THIS computer instead of my main computer.

    3.)Can I use this as a proxy sever as well? I like to hide where I am because I am crazy and like to be overly cautious/paranoid

    I am sure I will have more questions along the way as we get further.
    And yes, i am SURE it would be easier to just do it the easy way and get some Raspberry Pi (MMMM pie again) but why do things THAT easy, I built my PC 2-3 years ago and now I have the itch to build SOMETHING and mine PC doesn't really need to be upgraded for my uses yet.

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