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Discussion in 'CPUs and Overclocking' started by lincsman, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Hi there, so since getting an RTX 2080 I've noticed my I7 6700k struggling a bit. I also read that it sometimes can add to the life of a processor to OC. I do have OC options on the motherboard itself, but also software to kick it into OC mode. I'm wondering what the best choice would be, for best performance but also taking into account the lifespan of the processor, thanks.
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    To overclock or not to overclock, that is the question...

    I'd try to get that 6700K stable at 4.3ghz to 4.5ghz, if you have the hardware to cool it. I cannot help you with overclocking any further than this, unfortunately. My knowledge is kind of limited in the field of OC'ing. :(

    Hopefully somebody else can help some more. (probably so)
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    If you apply a good overclock, I've yet to see any CPU actually die from extended use.
    My [email protected] is still rocking the same overclock I applied early 2011. No signs of any wear.
    A 6700K, based on my own experience with two of them, easily overclock to 4.5GHz on all cores at around stock voltage. Could aim for 4.8GHz without too high a bump I'd say.
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