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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by cameronp29, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. cameronp29

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    i will be getting all the pieces to my computer in tomorow. and i will start to build a computer for the first time ever. how should i go about it. will it be easy? how long will it take? i read the building computers thread but it really doesnt help me because i need pictures. anyone got any tips or anything? would it help if i told you the parts im getting?
  2. footballstevo75

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    It is pretty simple. There are plenty of guides on the internet. I built my first last Christmas. It took me around an hour, though now I can do it in 15 minutes. But take your time, and always touch your hand to the PSU to ground yourself so you don't shock the components.
  3. kof2000

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    it may take over a day if you run into problems.
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  5. Ben Australia

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    why dont u just get the people at ur local computer store to do it? they wont charge much and may not charge at all if u buy all or some of ur parts from them and they will have it up and running in a day and if along the way they [email protected] up and break somthing then their liable to replace it.. thats what im going to do because i wouldnt have a clue on running the bios and all that stuff.
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    1. Make sure you are using the spacers for your motherboard. If not, it'll ground the board and you could potentially freak out because it's not turning on.

    2. Baby steps. Nowadays, motherboards come with pictorial manuals that will guide you what corresponds to what; so it should be simple.

    3. Don't force anything. All the parts should fit like pieces of lego. If it isn't, it probably don't belong there or go there.

    It's not that hard. Something you can do if you have a pc readily available is to open it up and look at it. See what goes where, the labels, and what's what; it'll help you familiarize yourself with it and once you get your new motherboard, you will know that this is that, and that is this even if it may be in the wrong side of the board.
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    Remember to plug the cord in though :D
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    I suggest you wear shoes, work on hardwood or a tile floor. And always make sure no wires get caught or anything.

    Building a PC is easy. I can do it in about half an hour at a steady pace. The most frustrating and time consuming thing is getting the power/reset switch plugged into. The wires and small and it's usually cramped in the area they put it.

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