Toshiba L650 wireless driver HELP!!


For the life of me I can't find a windows 7 64bit wireless driver for my Toshiba L650 laptop.
There's a handfull of places that I've tried BUT every website you click to download the driver and it says something went wrong OR it doesn't exist.
Has the driver been removed from the internet???? Yeh the laptop is old BUT still works amazing for basic stuff.
If anyone has any ideas you would be a life saver!!!
Thanks guys :) :)


Hey guys, I ended up getting it working!!! believe it or not I couldn't find what wifi adapter it used and it came up as unknown device in device manager so without knowing what it is you wouldn't have a chance of finding a driver out of the thousands of drivers on the internet, nowhere in the computer told me what it was or even an internet search didn't find much so I had to pull the laptop apart to get the wifi module model number and with some searching and a ton of downloads I found a driver for a Lenovo laptop that used the same module so that driver worked!!!!
YAY!!!!! why do things have to be so hard hahaha


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I know it doesn't help you much now, but for future reference you can find drivers on unknown devices by using the hardware ID's reported in the properties of device manager.

Google search of the highest (most specific) hardware ID should get you results. Right click to copy. Be careful with some driver websites though. Should be enough to help you identify the actual model number and get it from the manufacturer website.



I had issues with a Brother printer on wifi.

I solved the issue by giving the printer a static IP address.


I just thought...

...that's the problem. :eek:

For some unknown reason I imagined he was talking about a printer driver.
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