Toshiba Satellite 200CDS/810 BIOS password


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Hello there,

I am currently struggling with an old Toshiba Satellite laptop. I got it from my grandma, and the problem is nobody remember BIOS password for this device. I had removed two batteries from the inside of a computer (possibly BIOS batteries), but it didn't solve the problem. I was following some youtube instructions; despite some differences I assume that everything was done correctly, and there is no extra batteries that could hold the password. I don't know why the password is still there, I even left it uncharged for some time to make sure the capacitors are not loaded. Is there anything else I can do? I don't really need that laptop, but it is a nice part of history and it would be nice to finally make it work.


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If removing all 3 batteries and letting it sit for a while without them does not work then perhaps the BIOS password is not stored in RAM, but in some kind of flash memory.

Try shorting out the pins of the parallel port as described at the bottom of this page. I think this was Toshiba's recommended method. If this doesn't work, then you could try the programs found on the page, CmosPwd and Keydisk. Use these at your own risk, some people say it's dangerous to run them on laptops. I don't believe it, especially since they both specify Toshiba, but some say it is.

Maybe try some of these before attempting to run the programs.
Try "Toshiba" for the password?
Hold left shift during boot??
Ask your grandma for a "password service disk"???
Look for a password clear switch on the motherboard????


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I had forgotten about the laptop and put it in a cabinet some time ago. Today I recalled about this device and decided to solder appropriate wires of a cutted LPT cable (I had tried to short some pins with bits of paperclip back then, year ago, but it didn't work out). As expected, now it reset BIOS password and RTC. Thanks for solution.