Toshiba VS. Gateway Laptop

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  1. dannaswolcott

    dannaswolcott New Member

    I am looking to buy a laptop to replace the family desktop. Do i get a Toshiba or Gateway? I wont buy anything other then toshiba or gateway. Maybe a compaq. ( all i use is toshiba, gateway, and compaq lol ) Post your thoughts on what laptop i should get. Thanks in advance :D
  2. Jhow

    Jhow New Member

    Honestly it depends on the specific laptop. Also to let you know that HP and Compaq are the same company in case you want to look in that direction. It depends on your range but I'd look for the following specs

    At least 2GB Ram and I recommend 3GB because it'll make everything run more smoothly.
    At least 160GB Hard Drive
    Pretty much stuck with vista
    dvd burner
    and a core 2 duo processor but don't rule out amd turionx2 because there are many out there that will outperform an intel machine in the same range.

    Post some links of some you're considering
  3. daisymtc

    daisymtc New Member

    Price: Gateway

    Why don't you buy other brand?
    I like Asus/ Sony/ Fujitsu...
  4. dannaswolcott

    dannaswolcott New Member

    I have always had good luck with gateway toshiba and compaq. Yes i know compaq and HP are the same, but for some reason i like the compaq end better.
  5. paulcheung

    paulcheung Active Member

    WHY are you dig up a 3 year old thread?

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