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    hello all,

    first post here!!
    i have a Fuji-siemens laptop with an ATI Radeon Mobile graphics card and have a samsung hdtv.

    i plug then together and i can get them working except my TV becomes an extension of my laptop desktop, ie i have to push windows to the right hand side of my screen and off the side to get them to appear on my TV.

    i hope this makes sense. what i am trying to achieve is to watch my (baseball) subscription on my hdtv. the problem i have is that i have to reduce the playing baseball window to move it off the screen to push it over to my TV (off the right hand side of my laptop screen) and when i try to maximize it on my TV it jumps back to full screen on my laptop and i am just left with my desktop wallpaper picture on my hdtv!!!

    is there any way i can get my TV to be a copy of my laptop screen instead of an extension???

    hope this kinda makes sense!!!!

    edit---- running XP if that helps.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not familiar with ATI very much, but what you can do is go to display porperties (by right-clicking the desktop and clicking properties) ->settings tab. You will see two monitor representations. Click on the one you think is your TV and uncheck "extend my desktop to this display". Now you can look through your ATI program and find a way to "clone" your monitors.

    I'm not sure if unchecking "extend my desktop to this display" is really necessary, but it will stop the dual-display mode. You can probably do everything via the ATI software...

    Can someone please check out how to turn on cloning using ATI software?

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