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Hello all. I just wanted to ask quick question. Okay so I have one set of speakers and one set of headphones but I have a laptop and pc. What I want to do is be able to go from my laptop and from my pc into ONE set of speakers and ONE set of headphones. So the purpose of all this is to be able to hear BOTH my laptop and my pc in one set of speakers/headphones. What is the best way to do this? With no buzzing loss of sound etc. Thanks!



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I just used a small 3.5" split jacker for $3, its not a high tech solution but will do the job, they are a bit hard to come by I notice though


Yeah thats what I am using now. But when I start playing sound on one pc the other pc sound lowers a ton. And if there is more than normal base in a song it will start to cut out. So I was wondering if there was maybe some kind of amp/mixer or something I could get thats not too much money. But it would basically power the audio somehow?
A Y adapter putting two sources into one speaker set you're shorting your equipment and soon it could short out...

If you don't want to spend the money on buying a mixing unit to do it properly you can always build one :D

It's not hard, I located this article (I hope I can link this lol It is NOT mine, just something I googled then looked at real quick to make sure it looked right)

You can get way more complicated than this with dials and knobs to balance the output between your two sources into the input of your stereo equipment.

I hope this helps!
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