Ubuntu 19.04 no option in settings for wifi. Please help?

Discussion in 'General Computer Chat' started by LainJeremy, Jul 24, 2019.

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    I have downloaded and installed Ubuntu 19.04 and now in settings I have no option in settings for wifi so there is no way that I can connect to the wifi.

    I have a hp laptop with a realtek wireless card in it.

    Right now I have a Windows 10 computer that is connected to the internet and I was hoping to somehow install the driver if that is what it needs by downloading somewhere and putting on a usb drive and then putting it in the Ubuntu computer and installing that way. Is that possible?

    If it is not I can find a way to do it possibly but I was hoping to not do extra things since I have a Windows 10 computer connected to the internet.

    Also I could not find instructions online at this time on how to fix this if I did have a internet connection, so if someone could also give instructions on that it would also be helpful.

    In wifi settings in ubuntu 18.04 it said no wifi card detected or something like that so I think it would be the same solution to that problem maybe but I am not seeing a solution for my type of wireless card or hp laptop.

    Can yall post links, videos, pictures on how to do this?

    Hopefully someone can help, Jeremy.

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