UHD 620 or Geforce MX150

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by butterflies, Nov 25, 2018.

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    I am buying a laptop for my daughter. She is going to use it for photo and video editing, maybe also industrial design 3Dmodelling. Our budget, research and common sense brought us to decide for an Asus Vivobook, but we need to choose between either a dedicated GPU (Geforce MX150) or 1 extra TB storage (in addition to an SSD). What makes me doubt is the integrated video facility (UHD 620) in the laptop version with the 1 TB storage. Will that be good enough, I mean the UHD 620, for what she wants to do with it? Or should I go for a dedicated GPU?
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    Neither really are ideal for 3D Modeling/Rendering depending on the software being used and how heavy of a work load we are talking about.

    Regardless of all that, if your two choices within your budget are those two machines I would go for the Geforce MX150. It has more graphical power. Depending on the software it might even be able to utilize the Nvidia graphics for a little extra push in performance.

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