Unable to get Patriot Viper 4400mhz/10600k/Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X to work


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Hey so after reading going through reviews and checking the motherboard’s QVL for compatibility I got the items in the title and set the XMP which would not even post. I have the option of returning the mobo and getting something better but I don’t want to spend a huge amount more than I already have. I was looking at the MSI tomahawk as a possibility?

Both list this as supported ram, although confusingly the Gigabyte website only lists i9/i7 as compatible with their overclocked ram speeds (including 4600mhz) with the i5 compatibility listed as topping out at 2900. I missed this as it was on a separate page as the QVL. Tomahawk is listed as i5/i7/i9 supporting everything on their QVL so I’m thinking maybe it will be compatible.

I’ve been digging around and trying to find info on how to make it stable. 1.3 on the SA and VCCIO won’t post and after reading this review I tried the higher voltage to see if I could at least get into memorytest (from my searching I guess these are not good voltages to run long-term). I get errors starting from the first pass test 4. But at least it posts.


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If the QVL doesn't show it as compatible, you're essentially flipping the coin and hoping it works (not normally an issue, but since you're getting up there to the extreme memory speeds, this is of particular importance.)

1.3V on DDR4 is perfectly safe. Anything under 1.5V is the maximum allowed in XMP2.0 anyways (which some DDR4 kits may be drawing).


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If you load XMP but tick down the speed to 4000 or similar do you observe any success?

The Patriot Viper Steel 4400 MHz kit is rated at 1.45v, so you should be fine with that voltage or even 1.5, which may solve your issue. I think you're near the upper end of the range for VCCIO and VCCSA though.