unplugging psu cable to test some things issue


I've unplugged lots of cables before and know they come right out but I can't seem to unplug the cable to see if it was fried or shows it being burned from a storm.. willing to pay for a new PSU, but wondered if there was a way to see if it really was bugged

though when pulling it I can't seem to pull it out without making the case fall over...ive read that there is some certain way to pull this cable out when there is a capacitor next to it and it seems like it's been glued to motherboard...also, PSU has no power button, so I want to see if I can reset it but I don't think its possible,, anyways let me know how to take the cable off the motherboard.


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Are you talking about the 24pin main connector? Are you pushing on the release clip on the side before pulling it out? You may have to wiggle it up and down to get it to come out.


yes, the 25 pins with green and black and other colors///rdit I had to remove a ram stick to get it out because then I saw why I couldn't get it out...unplugged the PSU cable then plugged I the power cable and still nothing...whats the cheapest PSU out there and can people still buy computer parts with the virus goojg on..
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whats the cheapest PSU out there and can people still buy computer parts with the virus goojg on..
Most often you'll pay more over time cheaping out on a crappy unit whether it's lower efficiency (more electricity cost), weird system instability or issues due to inconsistent power delivery, or the unit failing and taking some or the rest of your hardware with it.

Does the PC completely not work? Usually the innards of the PSU exhibit damage without melting connectors, you generally only see that when it's not fully connected and the amperage exceeds the capacity of the wire.