Upgrade a 2012 Macbook or Switch to PC Laptop?

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Upgrade or Switch?

  1. Upgrade the 2012 Macbook Pro

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  2. Buy a new PC laptop?

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  1. Olympus

    Olympus New Member

    Hey all, new member and joined the forum to get some expert opinions. About a year ago, I got fed up with my cheap Dell laptop and all the waiting and spinning it would do just to execute a single task. It was seriously taking forever just to get to my email or browse the internet. So I decided to switch to Mac and I bought a used 2012 Macbook Pro. There a lot of things I like about the Mac, but also a few things that I don't. The DVD drive doesn't work, which I don't use a lot anyway, but I have a 4 year old who could use my Mac on trips if the DVD drive did work. Also, it's running High Sierra and I know a lot of people suggest upgrading the hard drive to an SSD to get more snappier speeds with opening and changing programs. I am an iPhone user, so the iMessage application on the Mac is great and I use it a ton! One thing I do not like is the photo preview options. I manage a large piece of hunting property and I regularly check 10 different trail cameras with SD cards. I sort through literally thousands of photos every few weeks. With a PC, I could open the files on the SD cards in a photo preview program to look at them and then delete the photo from the SD card directly from the photo program. With the Mac, I have not found a way or application to do that with. It may seem like a small thing, but it takes a LONG time when I'm looking through thousands of photos. I need to be able to quickly go through the photos on the SD card and delete the ones that are not relevant to get down to just the photos that are of value for me to look closer at. Last year I actually gave up and used my work PC to sort through all the photos instead of my Mac and I'm not really supposed to be doing that on my work computer.

    So I guess what I'm getting at it is should I upgrade my Macbook with an SSD hard drive and learn to live wit the Mac quirks? Or should I be looking for a new PC laptop? I do not do any kind of photo editing aside from just looking at photos on an SD card. I mainly just check email and browse the web and I need a somewhat large storage option for all the photos that I save. I've really got a budget of $400. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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