UPS and Surge protection for Desktop computers


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I know most people go with laptops now but for a desktop what is the thought when it comes to a UPS and surge protection?

I’m getting a new desktop and already ordered a UPS but I learned something that makes me concerned about my choice. Apparently you cannot use a surge protected power strip with a UPS. I know a UPS has built in surge protection but the one I ordered has 1150 joules protection while most power strips claim 2000-3000 joules. I’ve looked at other UPS models with similar features and price and they too were around 1000 joules.

Is that something I should be concerned about? It seems like I have a choice between having a UPS which I feel I need because my power does occasionally go out or having better surge protection which I’m not sure I need.


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If your power goes out more often then you do need the option of a battery backup. That will give you extra time to complete what you were working on and then safely shut down before the battery's power runs out.