Urgent - Any Help Please


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My friend had this problem. he got me to do it as he cant actually get on the internet as such. Its pretty urgent:

He said this is what happens:

1. I type in an address in the address bar and hit enter/click go
2. I recieve a message box saying: Cannot find (eg. www.google.com) Make sure path or internet address is correct.
3. I hit a favourite
4. The favourite loads
5. I try again using IE (I have AOL 8)
6. Same scenario
7. I try Spybot - Search and Destroy and repeatadly get a 'DSO Exploit' and a 'common Hacker' problem
8. I remove them
9. I rescan and they reappear
10. I get angry

im sure i've seen this before.


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I dont think the DSO exploit is related to not being able to access a site like google.com
If you remove the DSO exploit using Spybot Search and Destroy, it will reappear when you scan again. From what I have read, the programmers of spybot have yet to address this, it is hopefully likely to be addressed in future updates of spybot.
Have you also scanned with an anti-virus program?