usb flash drives

erika g

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who makes the longest lasting usb flash drives on the market today? samsung, kingston, sandisk, ect...? im talking about something that will last me a long, long, long time to come......... with so many manufacturers around its kind of hard to say who will make a product that will last for a really long time. would anyone happen to know, which maker or company would be able to produce something of this caliber in nature? i dont care about the price but about the durability of the product sort of similar to a jansport backpack. anyone or someone care to tell me? somebody? rsvp.


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Flash media, just like HDD's can go out at any time. Any brand, make or model. Just have to be careful with it to make it last as long as you can. So really there is no recommendations. Make sure you always eject it before pulling it out of the usb slot, if you don't, there is a possibility of data loss or flash failure.