USB Keyboard / Mouse on a new PC


Hi all

I'm building my own PC, part of which is going to be a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Now, I'm guessing when I first switch on, with no WIndows and no drivers, the keyboard and mouse aren't going to work.

I do have a wired keyboard and mouse with USB connectors. If I plug these in on first start up to access BIOS and install WIndows, will these USB devices work without drivers, or do I need the older green / purple circular plugs on my keyboard and mouse?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.



Staff member
Usb mouse and keyboard will work just fine during windows install. As far as the wireless keyboard/mouse goes, I would think that as long as the usb dongle is in a usb port and you don't have to press a button to connect the mouse and keyboard, windows install should still recognize them. I'm not quite sure as I've never used wireless to install.
just connect the dongles for wireless mouse and keyboard before you power the pc on and windows should automatically recognise them