Using a pcie ssd adapter as my boot drive?


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i am building a new pc with a 9900k and will be using the integrated graphics. I purchased a asrock z390 taichi motherboard and all the pci slots are free.

Can I purchase a pcie ssd adapter for a 1tb m.2 and use that as my boot drive? My goal is to use a pcie slot for speed and to free up 2 sata ports instead of using the m.2 slot.

Will this work with this mobo?

Thank you!!!


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The m.2 slot is a better play, what are your storage goals as you want all sata ports to be usable?


There is zero reason not to use the m.2 slot. Going through a PCIE will throttle your maximum bandwidth, which is a fraction of the m.2 slot.

Maybe when PCI express 6.0 comes out, around 2026 will it get anywhere near the performance of an m.2 drive. By then, m.2 will have been improved also, or succeeded by something even better, like m.3.

As a note to history, my computer supports m.2 cards, but it's baked into the hardware a maximum limit of a 32GB m.2 drive... making it essentially useless to install, just to speed up the reboots. I would be a hassle to redo my entire computer just to boot off a measly 32GB drive.

Apparently, in 2015, Gigabyte thought a 32GB m.2 would be fantastic. ROFL.